Paper Submission

Manuscript (fullpaper) submissions (for speakers) conducted online by filling out the form at the following link:

Manuscript will be reviewed by academic committee, only qualified manuscript and has a novelty will be invited to be presented.

Participants must select whether publishing in the seminar proceedings or participating journals. Manuscripts are prepared and submitted according to the prospective publisher chosen by the participants:

  1. AIP Conference Proceeding (indexed by Scopus)*
  2. Journals:
  3.    Reguler Proceeding (ISBN)

There will be an (independent) peer review process that will take a final decision whether the manuscript will be accepted for publication. Peer review is to evaluate whether the manuscript satisfies the scope of the seminar, the scientific aspects, the international readability and significance aspects, as well as the writing style and template as guided by the publication platforms.

Particular for participants who what to publish in the collaborating journal, the decision will be taken by the journal editors. It is important to consider that it may be possible the journal editors will reject the submission. Therefore, the participants must take into account the consequences of the publication selection. If the submission is then rejected by the journal editors, the participants will be given chance to publish in the regular proceedings, if the participants can meet the template requirements and the deadline of re-submission (camera ready file submission date).

The paper is sent through website  OR depending on the SCOPE of the manuscript.